Welcome to Dolce Vita Goldens!

As an animal lover from a child, I have determined that there is nothing sweeter than a Golden Retriever! These loyal, sociable dogs are excellent with children and families, and excel at obedience training and therapy work.  Golden’s are large  in size and have a medium-high energy level. They are known as lovable, confident and eager to please companions and do well in many environments.

Our Goldens tend to be blonde in color with a sweet temperament.  They are great with kids of all ages and animals of all sizes. We participate in conformation, in which  a dog is judged by their overall appearance and structure – an indication of the dog’s ability to produce quality purebred puppies.

For more information about Golden Retreivers, visit the Golden Retreiver Club of America website, www.grca.org and select, “Find A Golden” page.